RATIA’s new wooden sauna product line, Laituri, is made in Finland


RATIA launches a new versatile and simplified wooden sauna product line, Laituri, in collaboration with Pinetta-Tuote. The product line includes a bench, stool, and sauna thermometer.

Media Realase, November 26, 2021

The timeless RATIA selection expands with a new Laituri product line. A fair-sized wooden bench and a sturdy stool are versatile furniture. They are suitable not only for damp spaces but also for homes and summer cottages. The rectangular sauna thermometer is a beautiful and necessary item for every sauna.

The Laituri products have the Finnish Key Flag Symbol, and they are made from domestic pine trees at Pinetta-Tuote Oy’s factory in Salo. The domestic family business is one of RA-TIA’s longest-standing partners, and the same factory also manufactures RATIA’s Saaristo series, which includes chests and small interior decoration products.

"Customers have asked for a new line of wooden sauna products for a long time, and we are happy we are finally able to fulfil our customers’ wishes,” says Elina Lappi, RATIA’s Office Director.  

The versatile and timeless Laituri products were designed by furniture and interior designer Marjut Nousiainen. According to Nousiainen, the design was inspired by the vision of a Finnish cottage sauna environment and twilight in summer. 

“The faded pier, pleasant ambience, and damp footprints on the surface of the pier – these are what inspired the design. The design is straightforward and classic, and the products fit RATIA’s modest and simple philosophy well.”

Product information: 

The products in the Laituri sauna product line are made of durable pine and are available in black, pine wood, and grey. The products are made in Finland by RATIA's long-term partner Pinetta-Tuote Oy.


Recommended prices: 

Stool: pine wood €79.00, black and grey €89.00

Bench: pine wood €119.00, black and grey €129.00

Sauna thermometer: pine wood €19.00, black and grey €19.00

Additional information, product images and product loans for photo shoots:

Elina Lappi

tel. 045 631 4520

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