Design Studio RATIA

Design Studio RATIA is a dynamic, creative, reliable and versatile design studio, which is famous for it's timelessly beautiful, high quality products.

Our concepts need to withstand time, not only in the quality of finish and materials, but also in their esthetic design. Passing fads and disposability are not part of our definition of good design. We aim to create tomorrow's classics, products that will delight the end users for years in their everyday life.

Our strengths are long experience, versatility and a famous brand. We also offer an excellent price-to-quality ratio, since our design philosophy is that our products have to be affordable, even when their quality is top notch.

The Team

Elina Lappi

Office Director

Elina maintains contact with our partners and develops the business side of things. The new ideas and carefully deliberated decisions she is able to bring to the table have their origin in years of experience. Her experience also enables RATIA's design philosophy to shine through in everything we do, including meeting new customers and partners. 

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Eeva Mela

Director of Design

Creating something new with Eeva is fun, inspiring, and above all, productive. She is in charge of the artistic side of RATIA designs and is responsible for the success of the projects. She has over ten years of experience in design and has a firm grasp of what a Director of Design does, and it shows at every stage of the RATIA design process.

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Yesul Woo


Yesul has studied Fashion, clothing and textile design in Aalto University. She has been designing the new kids collection and insightful patterns inspired by Finnish nature.

Ristomatti Ratia

Founder and Mentor

Ristomatti is currently acting in advisory capacity. He visits the office almost daily and infuses our workplace with his positive energy to make it even more efficient and creative. The commitment of his staff and many years of valuable work in the service of Finnish design make the founder RATIA very proud of his company.

Interested in co-operation or partnership?

Pitch your idea. We work with many versatile and open-minded companies. All of our products combine quality, practicality and stylish design. Get in touch with us. Let's talk.    

Interested in Working for Us?

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Your Brand's Story

Ratia collaborates with inspiring brands and people. Often decades long co-operation leads into a deeper partnership as time goes by.