We visited our long term partner Kultakeskus in Hämeenlinna


We visited our long term partner Kultakeskus in Hämeenlinna

Kultakeskus is the largest jewelry company in Finland, and it’s HQ is in Hämeenlinna. Kultakeskus manufactures nearly 85 per cent of silverware in Finland and a significant share of jewelry sold in Finland has been manufactured by Kultakeskus. Kultakeskus has over 500 retailers in Finland. In addition, Kultakeskus exports it’s products to e.g. Sweden, Estonia, Germany and Norway. The product line includes diamond, gold and silver jewelry; all kinds of cutlery; steel, bronze and crystal items; medals; trophies and platinum products for different industries. Kultakeskus also represents several watchmakers. The best known Kultakeskus brands are Kohinoor and Kultakeskus-Hopea. The company is one of RATIA’s long time partners. The partnership began back in the 1990s, when Ristomatti Ratia designed Usko, Toivo, Rakkaus (UTR) jewelry. Today, Kultakeskus carries not only RATIA jewelry, but also, cutlery and tealight candle holders, made from the finest steel. Kultakeskus RATIA product line is constantly updated.

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