Spring’s delicacy and summer’s relaxation - explore the new patterns of RATIA!


The patterns of RATIA’s spring-summer collection will charm you and evoke summer memories. The patterns in this collection combine the delicacy of the beginning of spring and the relaxation of a hot summer. The patterns include both natural and delicate flowers, as well as modern and graphic shapes. The new patterns will be seen in many RATIA products during spring and summer.

Many of the patterns in the spring-summer collection are classic favourites, designed by Yesul Woo, Sabrina Englund, Jiaxuan Xu, Marjut Nousiainen, and Eeva Mela.

Nuppunen is the first sign of spring

Yesul Woo’s Nuppunen pattern tells the story of the growth of a seed into a small flower bud. In a beautiful English garden, there are different beautiful flowers blooming. Each of them has its origin in a seed.

The beauty of the flowers in full bloom is familiar to many, but with this pattern, Yesul Woo wants to remind us of the delicate bud stage, when a small flower bud is strengthened by the sun, soil, rain, and wind.

The Nuppunen pattern has been seen in many RATIA products, but in the spring-summer collection, it will also be seen in a new colour.

The playful Papu delights in RATIA’s collection

“The best or at least the most memorable sweets of my life are delicious candy peas,” says designer Yesul Woo. The Papu pattern inspired by colourful candy peas brings back memories of delicious sweets in many different flavours.

As usual, these patterns have been created using many different techniques. The Papu pattern was created using screen printing! This pattern will be seen in the new collection in two different colours.

The Ritilä pattern also tells the story of summer rain

The Ritilä pattern reminds us of a rainy day. The pattern was inspired by the flow of rainwater through a cast iron grille into the depths of the earth.

“Rain runs down the branches and leaves. Drops reach the edge of the roof and grow until they finally drop heavily to the ground to be carried away by the current,” describes designer Sabrina Englund.

Ritilä is a modern pattern, with repeating patterns creating a graphic, but familiar, striped design language.

Keto is a gentle breeze of spring and summer

The beautiful and light Keto pattern depicts delicate flowers swaying in the wind. It is a gentle reminder of the arrival of spring and summer. Keto is a pattern that has been designed by Marjut Nousiainen and will be seen in many RATIA products during spring and summer.

The POOL pattern takes your mind to a summery sun

The stylish and timeless POOL pattern has been inspired by pool tiles. The mind escapes to the colourful water surface of the pool, the swaying of palm trees and unknown trees.

“You can feel the tropical heat and wind on your skin. This feeling is described by deliberateness, calmness, and longing for faraway lands,” says pattern designer Eeva Mela.

The pattern will be seen in the spring-summer collection products in two different shades.

Each pattern tells its own story

RATIA patterns conquer year after year and form timeless classics, bringing joy to people’s lives. The patterns are not created by chance, but each has its own story hidden in the shapes and colours that the designer shares.

RATIA patterns evoke memories and emotions. When the patterns decorate the high-quality RATIA products, they bring a touch of everyday luxury to everyone’s life.

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