Timeless patterns and high-quality design - RATIA's daywear coming to Prisma!


We are delighted to announce that the eagerly anticipated RATIA daywear will soon be arriving in Prisma's selection! Our daywear, available for sale on February 28th, is filled with freshness, practicality, and personality. Dive deeper into the gems of our collection and let inspiration take over!

RATIA has long been known for its high-quality and stylish daywear, and now these classics are finally making their way to Prisma's shelves. The long-awaited daywear will complement Prisma's already diverse RATIA range, which includes nightwear, loungewear, towels, and bathrobes.

RATIA's longtime favorite, the Pisara tunic, and the versatile Pouta shirt are sure choices for both everyday wear and special occasions. One of the most beloved features of RATIA daywear is undoubtedly their lovely patterns. Familiar classic patterns will be seen in new delightful colors in our daywear collection. Charming Daaliat, Nuppuset, and City Blossom patterns bring floral splendor to our daywear, while Rain, Nuoska, and Papu patterns embody a modern and graphic style.

Prisma's daywear collection products have been responsibly manufactured in collaboration with RATIA's long-standing partner, Black Moda Oy, in Portugal. The products hold the OKO-TEX certification as well as the ETIC label. The goal of the ETIC label is to facilitate the consumer's ability to choose responsibly manufactured European products. More information at

"It is of utmost importance to us that our products are accessible to everyone and offer good value for money. Our products are designed to withstand time and daily use, bringing joy and comfort to everyday life. That's why we're particularly excited that consumers now have the opportunity to easily explore, touch, and try on RATIA's popular daywear nationwide," says Elina Lappi, RATIA's office manager.

RATIA's daywear will be available at Prisma stores nationwide starting from February 28th, bringing joy and everyday luxury to your life. Choose yours and discover your new favorite!

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