RATIA x VM Carpet


We visited our partner VM Carpet in Karvala

VM Carpet is a company founded by Arto and Aila Viita-Aho in 1973. It is situated in the village of Karvala, on the shores of ancient crater lake Lappajärvi in Ostrobothnia, Finland. The village was named after a family of fishnet weavers, that used to live in the area. The lively location currently has 3 500 inhabitants and is 12 kilometers from the seat of the municipality in Lappajärvi. When you go to the store in Karvala, there’s still no need to lock the doors. People are friendly and you may get invited in for a cup of coffee at your neighbors’ house, as is the tradition.

VM Carpet’s lovely products are manufactured in Karvala. The work is done with great enthusiasm and joy, but also with precise and innovative attitude. VM Carpet has put a lot of emphasis into good designs and has been working with top of the line Finnish designers for over 20 years.

RATIA and VM Carpet began their partnership in 2011. The result has been the creation of both woolen and paper yarn carpets, and traditional rag rugs. RATIA carpets are not only sold in Finland, they are also exported to e.g. Sweden, Norway, Russia, Australia, China, Korea and the USA. The RATIA carpet line is updated frequently.


We visited VM Carpet on a delightful day in May and reveled in the pastoral landscape. Lake Lappajärvi took our breath away by gleaming in the early summer sun. After the product development meeting we enjoyed a tour of the factory and greeted the skillful staff there. We were beaming with pride! This the perfect setting for RATIA carpets to emerge into the world.

Our warmest thanks for your hospitality, VM Carpet!

RATIA carpet retailers and information:

Tel. +358 (0)20 741 4280

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