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We created a new graphical look for Choice Finland’s Natural Cosmetics Line

We created a new graphical look for Choice Finland’s Natural Cosmetics Line. Choice Finland is a Finnish cosmetics company that specializes in natural cosmetics. It is important for the company, that their products are made from natural ingredients and that they are lovingly crafted. They treat your skin softly and efficiently without any unnatural/unnecessary chemicals. Choice Finland’s strength is in using local suppliers and natural ingredients provided by Finnish forests and pure, clean waters. The products do not contain any animal products and the carefully chosen packaging materials are all recyclable. Everything, from the product itself to the printed packaging materials, have been manufactured in Finland. The new look for Choice Finland Natural Cosmetics Line was designed by RATIA’s Head of Design Eeva Mela. She recalls her creative process in the project:


”It was clear to me from the start, that I wanted to use the pale but fresh pastel palette so typical of nature in the north. The client, Choice Finland’s founder and CEO, Maija Aallas had two demands, she wanted the look to be based in pink and lace in some form. After making some preliminary sketches, I came up with the basic design for the product line; a pattern that I called Bulsa, after a street called Bulevardi in Helsinki. The design was inspired by a doorway on that boulevard. Maija immediately fell in love with the design and it became the basis for the new look of Choice Finland’s Natural Cosmetics Line. It was all the more appropriate, because in the past, Maija had had her beauty salon on that very same boulevard. I’m happy and satisfied in our partnership. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to create a new look for a Finnish quality product, that represents the values that we also espouse.”


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