RATIA Saaristo series celebrates 30 years


Where did it all begin?

The story of the Saaristo series begins with a simple idea: to create something beautiful and practical. The first product in the series was a hinged box, which came about when Ristomatti Ratia decided to transform a strikingly orange beer crate into a versatile box lined with pine. This original box was so functional that it was soon accompanied by various products of different sizes and purposes.

The Saaristo chest is made of finely sawn domestic pine. When designing the Saaristo chest, Ristomatti Ratia did not want perfectly smooth wood; rather, the craftsmanship was intended to be slightly rough to convey an authentic archipelago atmosphere.

Natural materials at the heart of timeless design

A key aspect of the Saaristo series' design has been the use of natural materials and versatility. The products' design is timeless, blending homeliness with modern urban living. The product range includes various sizes of lanterns, shoe racks, and key cabinets, all inspired by Finnish nature and traditions.

Born in the Heart of Salo

The manufacturer of the Saaristo series products, Pinetta-Tuote Oy, is a family business and has been RATIA's trusted partner from the beginning. The production of the Saaristo series in Salo by Pinetta-Tuote Oy has been a significant part of this Finnish design success story. Since 1972, the collaboration has grown and evolved, bringing to market various small interior decor and sauna products. This joint journey towards new innovations and projects reflects a commitment to high-quality Finnish design and its development.

The Saaristo series products are not only practical but also bring tranquility and harmony to the home. Their simple, yet carefully considered shapes allow for versatile use and reflect RATIA’s ambition to merge nature and urban environments.

The products of the Saaristo series also bear the Avainlipputuote Symbol.

Sustainable Line of Finnish Design

Over three decades, the Saaristo series has grown and evolved, remaining true to its original vision of showcasing practical beauty made from natural materials. The series is an example of the longevity of Finnish design and the storytelling embedded in its forms.

The products are designed to be versatile, and their minimalist design makes them suitable for various spaces and purposes. Made from natural materials, they bring the beauty of Finnish design into every home.

The Saaristo series products have been available from Asko since the beginning. Today, the products are available at Asko,, and Design Hill, inviting users to enjoy the simple beauty and durability of the design.

Your Brand's Story

Ratia collaborates with inspiring brands and people. Often decades long co-operation leads into a deeper partnership as time goes by.