RATIA launches a new spring/summer collection!


The new pieces in RATIA’s spring/summer daywear collection stand out with their vibrant patterns and timeless design. The patterns range from the dandelions of the summer months to the thaw and snowballs of early spring.

The new daywear collection also features a tunic with the popular Pisara design, a Pouta T-shirt and a long Sade maxi T-shirt, as well as a belted Beatrice dress.

It also includes a shorter Betty T-shirt, as well as the familiar Adina and Adora leisurewear sets. The Dana tricot pants in the lovely Dandelion pattern add a touch of summer to the collection.

RATIA's long-term partner Black Moda is responsible for the production of the summer collection. The products in the new collection are sustainably manufactured in Portugal. The daywear and leisurewear sets are made of 100% cotton and are Öko-tex-certified. The elastic cotton tricot material ensures maximum comfort.

The outfits in the daywear collection are well-suited for everyday goings-on when combined with jeans or leggings, while the Beatrice dress or the Pisara tunic are also a good fit for a relaxed but festive look.

The leisurewear sets can be worn as pyjamas, but also make for a comfortable outfit for a summer picnic.

The collection is distributed by, Pukimo, Pukimo Pop-up Iittala, TexPörssi Rauma and Pori, Nordic Labels, Vetelin Asuste ja Tekstiili, Sukka-asu, T:mi Tarja Heinonen and MARITUULET OY.

The product selection varies from store to store.

Dandelions are a sign of summer

The Voikukka pattern is like a gentle summer breeze. Its vibrant yellow hue is reminiscent of the warmth and sunshine of early summer.

The pattern is designed by Yesul Woo.

The Voikukka pattern is featured in both the Pouta T-shirt and Pisa tunic, as well as the Adina and Adora leisurewear sets. For an elegant overall look, try combining the Betty T-shirt with the Dana pants!

Memories of thawing spring snow and the last snowballs

The stylish Nuoska pattern is a reminder of the refreshing snowfalls of early spring that tend to melt away as soon as they reach the ground.

In this collection, it is featured on the Pouta and Betty T-shirts, the Pisara tunic, Sade maxi T-shirt and Beatrice dress.

The Nuoska pattern is designed by Yesul Woo.

In early spring, we often get to enjoy some snow before it melts away. Eeva Mela’s Lumipallo pattern is a beloved Ratia classic. In this collection, it is seen on the Pisara tunic and Pouta T-shirt.

“The pattern conveys my admiration for the harsh and wild Northern winter”, Eeva Mela says.

A dash of romance

The Nippu pattern is reminiscent of romantic gestures and gentle love stories with all their twists and turns. Designed by Yesul Woon, this pattern has the power to transform your style and make your day special.

The Nippu pattern is featured on the Pouta T-shirt and the Pisara tunic. They make a good match for various summer events.

Spring is in the air

As the spring arrives, we see lovely green buds appear all around us, as nature pushes through the last centimetres of the gradually warming earth. Yesul Woo’s Nuppunen pattern’s name is Finnish for a small bud, making it a true sign of spring.

The Pisara tunic is available in the Nuppunen pattern in three lovely shades that may make it surprisingly difficult to choose. This stylish tunic is both comfortable and elegant, making it perfect for both lounging around or spring festivities.

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