Piknik People and RATIA jointly launch a playful clothing collection


With the release of a new collaborative clothing collection, RATIA and Piknik People invite everyone to join the adventure! The Piknik People pattern adorns RATIA’s classic shirts and leggings for children and adults.

Photo: Jaakko Savio

Piknik People is both a book and an event tour intended to provide inspiration for everyday adventures and tips for mini-trips. The book provides simple illustrated instructions for organising outdoor adventures and designing picnic furniture and equipment.

Photo: Jaakko Savio

The new clothing collection is perfect for everyday adventures

The products in the collection by RATIA and Piknik People are livened up by the playful pattern designed by Joonas Luotonen. The pattern consists of routes for trips and map markings. Mark the map with a cross and embark on an adventure!

Photo: Jaakko Savio

Both the clothing collection and the Piknik People book will be available at, the online store of our retailer, at the end of May. The collection includes tunics, leggings and beanies for women, as well as T-shirts, leggings and beanies for children. All items are available in either black and white or in lively blue and red. 

Photo: Jaakko Savio

As always, the clothing in the collection is manufactured in Portugal by Black Moda, feels comfortable and is perfect for everyday adventures!

Photo: Jaakko Savio

Piknik People – a guide to everyday adventures

The Piknik People book by Mari Savio and Joonas Luotonen has much to offer, including tips for remote working, using abandoned spaces for fun purposes and hosting a carnival on a nearby meadow. 

The book is published by Cozy Publisihing. It will be published in Finnish and English in May 2021, and you can buy a copy at the Cozy store, Suomalainen kirjakauppa or, the online store of our retailer. Let the book inspire you to go on an adventure with the whole family if you want!

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