New lovely patterns enchant in Eurokangas' selection – RATIA's spring interior and clothing fabrics are available now!


Summer is almost here, and with it, a stunning new collection of RATIA fabrics has arrived in Eurokangas' selection, bringing a touch of natural beauty and a summer vibe.

The selection includes delightful patterns designed to evoke joy and inspiration. Whether you're dreaming of new curtains, clothes, or interior elements, these fabrics bring a fresh spring spirit to your home. Let's take a closer look at these beauties!

Beautiful Metsän kielot -pattern adorns jersey fabric

Designed by Yesul Woon, theMetsän kielot -pattern is like a fresh breeze from a Finnish forest. This jersey fabric, suitable for clothing, captivatingly depicts Finland's national flower, the lily of the valley. The pattern's shiny leaves and curved stems hide enchanting white flowers whose sweet fragrance evokes early summer memories. The fabric features beautiful brushstrokes creating sophisticated leaf shapes, and varying textures add rhythm to the harmonious whole.

This fabric takes you straight to forest paths, creating a calming and nature-inspired atmosphere. The striking organic cotton jersey is suitable for both children and adults.

Stunning Suovilla pattern for clothing

The lovely Suovilla pattern is available in Eurokangas' selection in a stylish magenta hue. Designed by Yesul Woon, the pattern draws inspiration from soft cottongrass plants, whose delicate white tufts resemble airy cotton balls. This jersey fabric enchants with its beautiful forms and brings playfulness and joy to any garment. The pattern captures the flexibility and adaptability of cottongrass, making it perfect for light summer clothes.

Summer's favorite outfit from Kukkavarjon alla -jersey fabric

Amina Saada's Kukkavarjon alla pattern takes us back to the innocent dreams and fantasies of childhood. This summery orange jersey fabric is like an ode to childhood playtimes when a big flower could serve as shelter from the sun. The fabric's flowing shapes and lines create large-leaved flowers that radiate warmth and joy.

This pattern is the perfect choice for clothes that want to reflect the lightness and beauty of summer. The pattern is printed on high-quality organic cotton jersey.

Classic Kosmos sweatshirt fabric charms

RATIA's classic Kosmos pattern is inspired by the flowerbeds of the city center, where a striking white flower stands proudly among colorful plants. This sweatshirt fabric is an excellent choice for casual yet impressive garments. The detailed floral design evokes elegance and beauty that withstands the test of time. Designed by Eeva Mela, the Kosmos pattern invites you to discover the beauty and harmony of nature amidst urban life.

Decorate with Daaliat – a favorite pattern in interior fabrics

The Daaliat pattern continues the floral theme. Designed by Yesul Woon, this pattern is available in both cotton and oilcloth. This graphic floral pattern radiates joy and the celebration of graduation, reminiscent of the designer's own hometown festivities.

The yellow and dark blue hues are perfect for a variety of interiors. The Dahlias fabric can be used for curtains, cushions, and other decor, while the oilcloth, with its easy-care acrylic coating, is an excellent choice for tablecloths.

With these stunning patterns, Eurokangas' spring collection offers plenty of options to delight both clothing and interior enthusiasts. Come and explore and fall in love with these nature-inspired beauties – let the colors of spring and summer brighten your home and wardrobe!

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