Fresh RATIA patterns welcome the approaching summer.


RATIA’s new nightwear collection features the freshest patterns of the summer. Wood anemones, garden flowers and juicy berries adorn the items in the new collection.

In addition to the short-sleeved classic models ADINA and MOONA, the new nightwear collection includes the sleeveless model KRISTIINA. The new collection is manufactured by RATIA’s long-time business partner Black Moda. 

The nightgowns are made of 100% organic cotton, so they feel particularly nice when you want to wear something comfortable yet beautiful. 

The gowns are also excellently suited for use at times other than at night. You can wear these lovely dresses at home as well as at a sunny summer picnic.

The collection is sold by, Pukimo, Kärkkäinen, Cara Fashion Eura and Löytö-Tex. However, the product selection does vary from store to store.

A spot of colour

The colourful Dots Floral pattern was inspired by the vitality of summer flowers. The pattern reminds us to enjoy the little and happy moments in life. The energetic floral pattern is designed by Jiaxuan Xu.

The sleeveless KRISTIINA nightgown feels best on days when the sun shines at its fullest. You can also wear this dress featuring the Dots Floral pattern to the beach with sandals and a summer hat.

An enchanting cascade of flowers

The beauty of the Esikko pattern enchants the viewer. The colourful primroses in the pattern remind us of the importance of appreciating nature. This captivating pattern is designed by Yesul Woo.

The short-sleeved MOONA nightgown is also excellent for cool spring and summer evenings. This dress featuring the Esikko pattern goes very well with a warm cardigan.

Charming light blue

Wood anemones are a sure sign of spring turning into summer. The wood-anemone pattern depicts the daily rhythm of flower buds and symbolises the anticipation of a new turn in life. This light-blue and white pattern is designed by Yesul Woo.

This lovely, fresh Valkovuokko pattern adorns, for instance, the KRISTIINA nightgown. This dress featuring a delightful pattern is well suited for many occasions, such as accompanying a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt at a spring picnic!

A garden in bloom

The designer got the inspiration for the Garden pattern while tending to her grandmother’s garden. The various shapes of the flowers serve as a reminder that we can draw endless inspiration from our surroundings. The stunning Garden pattern is designed by Jiaxuan Xu.

The ADINA nightgown lets you bloom with the most beautiful flowers in the garden. This Garden-patterned dress goes excellently with striped cotton socks.

Unforgettable berries

The Finnish berries in the Berry Blossom pattern hold unforgettable memories. The berries make you think of warming weather and summer-time adventures in nature. This graphic berry pattern is designed by Yesul Woo.

The understated Berry Blossom pattern adorns the ADINA nightgown, amongst other items. Could this be your new go-to dress for everyday use?

These simple yet beautiful dresses are designed just as much for everyday life as for the important moments. We hope that these lively RATIA patterns will delight and surprise you. 

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