Casual Elegance – Explore RATIA's Beautiful New Additions


In RATIA's new sleepwear and loungewear, relaxation takes center stage, complemented by delightful patterns to brighten everyday life.

The fall collection features sleep and lounge attire for both women and men, including plush bathrobes. While some of these pieces showcase familiar styles and patterns, there are also exciting new additions.

Women's nightgowns and loungewear dresses add a touch of luxury to daily life. The soft materials and relaxed designs make these pieces comfortable for everyday wear, with delightful patterns adding a joyful touch.

Among the favorites in nightgowns are the long-sleeved Fanni nightgown and the short-sleeved Riitta nightgown.

Women's loungewear sets include comfortable combinations of tops and pants.

The beautiful Koiranputki pattern adorns the Moona nightgown, available in Sokos stores.

Designed by Amina Saada, the Koiranputki pattern is one of RATIA's new designs. It also embellishes the long-sleeved Fanni dress, both available at Sokos.

Night and loungewear in the Onni pattern are available at K-Citymarket.

Happiness in Comfort

The fall collection's sleep and loungewear are suitable for more than just nighttime wear. When you want to feel comfortable, you can mix and match loungewear tops with other clothing items.

RATIA's established Onni pattern adorns the long-sleeved Bella shirt. This loungewear set includes navy, long, and relaxed Sofia pajama pants.

Yesul Woo designed the Onni pattern.

Bringing summer into the fall darkness

Sleep and loungewear in the Tuomi pattern are available at Halpahalli.

The beautiful Tuomi pattern decorates the Riitta nightshirt. This pattern is also featured in the long Fanni nightshirt and a loungewear set, including the long-sleeved Bella shirt and black Daniela pants.

Inspired by the abundant blossoms of early summer, the Tuomi pattern was designed by Yesul Woo. These products are available at Halpahalli.

Lovely Nuppunen in new colors

Sleep and loungewear in the Nuppunen pattern are available at K-Citymarket.

The popular Nuppunen pattern has a new shade. The red hue brings much-needed brightness to the dark fall and serves as a reminder of the upcoming Christmas season.

The long-sleeved Fanni nightgown is expected to be a favorite Christmas gift. The Nuppunen pattern is also featured in the Riitta nightgown and bathrobe, available at K-Citymarket.

Everyday Style with Dots Pattern

Sleep and loungewear in the Dots pattern are available at Sokos.

The stylish Dots pattern is suitable not only for relaxation but also for everyday wear. The comfortable loungewear set includes the long-sleeved Bella shirt, easy to pair with any outfit. The set also includes soft Elli pants.

Daaliat Pattern: A RATIA Classic

Sleep and loungewear in the Dahlias pattern are available at Prisma.

The beautiful long-sleeved Fanni nightgown features the classic Dahlias pattern, which has become an iconic design for RATIA. In the long dress, the pattern truly shines, offering the wearer a touch of everyday luxury.

The delightful Dahlias pattern also appears in the red-toned Riitta nightgown.

Night and loungewear for Men

Men's sleep and loungewear in the 10-tikkua pattern are available at K-Citymarket.

The new collection includes stylish and comfortable sleep and loungewear for men as well. Men's pajama sets provide choices: one set includes a t-shirt and shorts, while the other features a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

These comfortable pajama sets come in various pattern options. Both 10-tikkua and Kaarna are new designs by Yesul Woo. The 10-tikkua pattern is available at K-Citymarket, and products featuring the Kaarna pattern can be found at Halpahalli.

Men's sleep and loungewear in the Kaarna pattern are available at Halpahalli.

These fall-winter collection items are available at Prisma, K-Citymarket, Sokos, and Halpahalli. Product availability may vary by store.

The products are manufactured in collaboration with RATIA's long-term partner, Black Moda Oy.

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