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Saaristo product line has a new member, called Kuutiokirstu

The Saaristo product line received it's latest member, Kuutiokirstu. It is a long-awaited new product, which retains the pure, Scandinavian lines typical of Saaristo.

Kuutiokirstu's idea lies in it's cover. The crate measures 40,5 cm x 40,5 cm x 40,5 cm and is very versatile. You can e.g. use it to store items, keep it as a night stand, a small table or a seat.

Kuutiokirstu, along with other products in the Saaristo line, is manufactured in Pinetta-Tuote Oy's factory in Finland. All of the products in Saaristo product line have been granted the Avainlippu or Key Flag Symbol that tells the customer, that the product has been manufactured in Finland, creating Finnish jobs.

Kuutiokirstu is made from pinewood sawn with a bandsaw. Colors available are white, dark grey and black.

Manufacturer & inquiries:

Pinetta-Tuote Oy

Vahterantie 27

24240 Salo



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