RATIA's new spring-summer collection is here!


The collection features a variety of daywear items made from newly updated thicker cotton jersey. The products are adorned with beautiful and summery patterns that bring back lovely memories. The collection includes several familiar and popular models such as the Pisara tunic and the Beatrice dress.

The cheerful daywear collection includes various tunic and dress models, as well as shirts and nightwear. The popular Pisara tunic is available in two different sleeve lengths, 2/3 sleeve and 3/4 sleeve. The collection also features the requested Martta tunic, which is a straighter model than the Pisara tunic, adorned with the Block pattern.

The Ilma and Beatrice dresses in the collection feature stylish fabric belts, and the Matilda, Sade, Selma, and Pouta shirts are available in many different patterns in the collection. You can easily pair the Minttu pants with the shorter Matilda shirt. The collection also features a new Milla dress.

The products were manufactured in Portugal in collaboration with RATIA's long-term partner Black Moda Oy. The products have the Design From Finland and Oeko-Tex 1 certification.

Thicker cotton jersey makes everyday life more comfortable

The products in the collection are 100% cotton, and the stretchy cotton jersey is now of even higher quality. The fabric is thicker and drapes beautifully, making the products comfortable and durable for everyday use. Thanks to these features, the collection's products are suitable for many different situations and purposes, whether it's a casual leisure garment or a more formal occasion.

Playful Papu pattern brings joy

The fun Papu pattern appears in the new collection in three different colors and several different products. The Papu pattern pairs perfectly with the wide-legged Minttu pants, and with this pattern, you can create a stylish yet relaxed look. The Papu pattern also adorns the Ilma, Milla, and Beatrice dresses, the Sade maxi t-shirt, the Pisara and Martta tunics, and the Pouta shirt.

The Papu pattern is inspired by delicious candy beans. The pattern was designed by Yesul Woo, who hopes that these happy shapes will make people feel happy and make everyday life a little sweeter.

Nuppunen is a true herald of spring

The familiar Nuppunen pattern makes a comeback in new colors in RATIA's spring-summer collection.

This favorite pattern's story begins with a small seed that grows into a beautiful bud in the warmth of spring, bringing with it the true glory of spring.

This pattern can be seen in the Niin Usva dress, the Pisara tunic, and the Pouta shirt. The Nuppunen pattern was designed by Yesul Woo.

The Ritilä pattern adorns both daywear and nightwear

The modern Ritilä pattern is perfect for both daywear and nightwear. In the new collection, it can be seen in beautiful shades of blue. The Adina and Adora nightwear will lead you into beautiful dreams, and you can almost hear the raindrops tapping as they travel towards the well's grid.

The pattern also adorns the Selma and Pouta shirts, the Pisara tunic, and it was designed by Sabrina Englund.

The popular Block pattern conquers in the new collection

The stylish Block pattern has been seen in many popular products from RATIA, both in clothing and kitchen textiles. In the new spring-summer collection, the Block pattern adorns lovely products once again. This pattern can be seen in the Matilda shirt, Minttu pants, Martta tunic, and the new Milla dress.

The Block pattern was designed by Jiaxuan Xu.

Products are available at online store, Pukimo store (Ideapark), and selected retailers.

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